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A Deep Whitening Experience for Long-lasting Results

At Shaenfield Family Dental, we give patients access to the KoR® whitening system, which is widely recongized as the world’s most effective teeth whitening system. The KoR treatment transcends the capabilities of a traditional whitening system. It uses a powerful, professional formulation with trays that seal out saliva and sulcular fluid. The gels provide 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity compared to the standard 25-35 minutes of traditional systems. This process conditions the patient’s teeth so the bleaching ingredients are able to work their magic. The system also offers at-home whitening gel so patients can continue to see improved results after treatment.

Other systems do not reach the depth that the KoR system does. In technical terms, this is because it reaches the microstructure of the teeth where the large, long-chain natural pigment and stain molecules are trapped and magnetic molecular bonds called chromophores collect. The more chromophores that are in the teeth, the more the teeth will absorb light, which makes the teeth appear darker. In simple terms, the system steals the power away from the substances that make your teeth appear stained and give that power back to you in the form of your confidence. Patients experience many powerful benefits from KoR whitening that help them feel empowered and confident about their smiles, including the following:

  • Results that are essentially permanent

If the patient keeps up with their oral hygiene and follows our advice, they will be ale to enjoy their smile for long after their procedure. Of course, the teeth are always able to become stained once again, but the results that the patient sees from the procedure will remain until this process occurs.

  • Results that look natural

Not only do patients want their teeth to appear white, but it is also important for them to have teeth that appear natural. Although the results from the KoR process are dramatic and effective, patients still report natural results that can be up to eight shades lighter than their previous shade.

What makes the KoR whitening ingredients different than traditional whiteners?

The KoR whitening system has developed a high-potency peroxide gel with maximum release of bleaching factors. The formulas deposit the color molecules through oxygenation and conversion. Stain molecules are broken apart and released from the teeth, leaving behind the whiter, brighter smile you desire.

Another aspect of the KoR whitening system that sets it apart from other whitening systems is the KoR desensitizer. One common complaint that patients have about traditional teeth whitening methods is that their teeth are sensitive to the procedure. The KoR system has worked to combat this issue through a unique desensitizing method. The KoR desensitizers plug and re-plug the orifices of the tooth, which prevents pulpal inflammation and sensitivity.

How does the process of the KoR whitening system work?

It is typical for a KoR teeth whitening system to take as many as three visits. During the first visit, we take impressions of the patient’s teeth, creating custom, clear plastic trays. The patient then tries on the trays and makes sure that they fit properly. The treatment process itself typically takes around an hour, but our office is comfortable and relaxing, and we invite patients to bring something to help them pass the time during the process. Afterwards, we give the patient their custom trays and instructions on the best ways to use the trays. Most patients will need to wear the trays every night for 14 days in order to achieve their best results.

In order to create the best long-term results, KoR whitening systems offers an Accelerated Maintenance program. This program begins after the in-office whitening visits and after the patient has used their at-home whitening gel. Through an Accelerated Maintenance program, the patient is encouraged to wear their whitening trays in the following order:

  • Three nights per week for a month, then
  • Two nights per week for a month, then
  • One night a week for a month, then
  • One night every other week for a month.

Access Your Brightest Smile Through KoR Teeth Whitening Services in San Antonio

If you are interested in learning more about how KoR whitening services can do wonders for your smile, the experts at Shaenfield Family Dental would be happy to guide you through the process and help you get started. We are confident that the KoR whitening system can get you on the path towards the smile of your dreams, and we would love to make that dream a reality for you.

Give yourself a different kind of teeth whitening experience. Call us at (210) 899-5716 or contact us online to learn more about our KoR whitening system and other oral care services.

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